BIRTH PARENT HOTLINE - call 1-800-238-KIDS (5437)
Adoptive Families please call 1-509-248-7220
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 Why Call Us?

 Because we feel so strongly that a birth mother should have the opportunity to explore the option of adoption. We will:
  • Meet (or speak by phone or e-mail) with a birth mom who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy or is unable to care for her child, without any obligation whatsoever and without cost to her.
  • Explain the options of closed and open adoption, and the usual arrangements made.
  • Consider any reasonable request, expense or need that a birth mother has within the parameters of the law.
  • Share with a birth mom specific information about available adoptive clients whom we represent. This includes photos and a profile.
  • Arrange for the sharing of letters or phone calls, pre-birth meetings, presence at the hospital, or whatever is comfortable to both parties.
  • Help you find the right "match" for you, if you have specific preferences as to type or location of family. Not only do we represent adoptive clients from the Northwest, we have adoption clients from various parts of the United States, even England! We are also networked with reputable, experienced adoption attorneys in other states if a birth mother wants her child placed out of the state with a particular type of adoptive client with whom we are not working directly.
  • Work closely with the birth mother (her family and/or birth father where involved), her counselors, and her doctor. Usually we legally represent only our adoptive clients. All birth parents are told this at the first meeting, though occasionally we represent the birth mother only.
  • Arrange for independent, individual counseling for a birth mother, pre- and post-birth, if she desires and/or non-therapeutic counseling for emotional assistance, decision-making guidance and birth mother advocacy by an experienced, caring caseworker or facilitator. For her own protection, we require her to consult with an independent attorney before she signs her consent form, unless she specifically declines to do so.
  • Do all of this without cost or obligation to a birth mother who we believe, after consultation, to be serious about her plan to make an adoptive placement.
It takes a whole lot of courage and selfless love for a birth mother to choose someone else to carry out her life plan for the baby she is carrying. Our focus from the outset is to help her feel comfortable with her decision, the family whom she chooses and the adoptive process.

What About Adoptive Families?
  • Families who adopt privately are subject to the same homestudy requirements as are families working through agencies. It is our highest goal to provide for all the important needs of the birth mother and the adoptive clients in our adoptive arrangements. We really try to keep it personal and hassle free.
  • We make ourselves available by phone day or evening and we have a toll free number. We will meet with (or talk with by phone or e-mail) birth mothers within 24 hours of inquiry and on weekends and evenings if desired.

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