BIRTH PARENT HOTLINE - call 1-800-238-KIDS (5437)
Adoptive Families please call 1-509-248-7220
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 How Adoption Works at NorthWest Adoptions...
  • Review adoptive family profiles on the web site.

  • Choose your preferred Adoptive Family.

  • Call or e-mail our office and we will give you more information on the families and arrange a phone conference, if you so desire.

  • We will send you some forms to fill out.

  • When you are ready we will arrange for you to talk with one or more of the adoptive families in which you are interested and then decide if you would like to meet them in person.

  • Once you've decided to meet a family or families, call our office and let us know. You can take a friend, mother, or birthfather if you'd like to your meeting. Usually you will meet for coffee or lunch, whatever is most comfortable for you.

  • After your meeting, we'll walk you through the process and be there afterwards also. We are only a phone call away, day, evening or weekend! Call us at 1-800-238-KIDS (5437).

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