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  Our primary work is assisting adoptive parents seeking to locate a birth mother who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy, and making all adoptive arrangements - legal, medical, counseling, meetings, etc. - everything the circumstances dictate!
A detailed initial consultation, usually lasting two hours, will include specific advice and demonstration of how to best approach your particular adoption search in appropriate areas.
We help you with:
  • Profiling - Preparation of your attractive initial adoptive family profile, including photos, biographical, and other matching information and follow up with other visual and written material. (We'll bet we can improve upon anything you've done so far!).
  • Networking - Assistance with creative search efforts to find an adoptive match through contact with third party sources.
  • Advertising - Creative and successful use of print advertising by adoptive families to connect with a birth mother. While not a guarantee of adoption, properly handled, this usually will dramatically shorten the time for matching and placement. We assist in preparation, placement and responding to advertising efforts. We handle calls from birth parents 7 days a week via an 800 number at the office and at home for adoptive families, providing a comfortable buffer for birth mothers and anxiety reduction for clients.
  • Presentation to Birth Mothers - As a result of our own referral sources, advertising and involvement in adoption, we have been fortunate to be able to match a significant number of our clients with birth mothers before their own advertising and networking efforts are successful.
  • Connecting - Once initial selection is made by birth parents, we facilitate meetings and other connections to confirm and solidify the match through the remainder of the pregnancy and placement.
  • Arranging - Taking care of all necessary details including legal, medical, counseling, and incidental expenses/needs of the birth mother, as allowed by law, and agreed to by the adoptive family. But we represent you!
  • Placement - Facilitating hospital or birth mother release of the child for placement with the adoptive family. We work with the parties and the hospital to arrange as smooth a transfer of custody of the child as possible.

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